High Pressure Metric Hydraulic Cylinders (CETOP)

About the Product

CETOP is a committee of manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic equipments in Europe. This is an international body which has brought out a variety of metric standards in the field of fluid power. ISO relies on CETOP for its standardization efforts in the field of fluid power. ISI has already accepted some of these standards.

Following many years of work for international metric standardization, CETOP has come out with its recommendations, RP58H. Our H 160 cylinders are designed exactly to these recommendations, which cover bore sizes, rod sizes, port sizes and overall mounting dimensions for hydraulic cylinders working up to 160 kg/cm2.

One of the major advantages of this series is the facility of international interchangeability of full cylinders. Seal housings are made to ISO standards.

With this cylinder range your design department will get acquainted with international dimensions which will be used more and more in the years ahead.

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