GPH Series Hydraulic Cylinders

About the Product

Design Features and Material 

Piston Rods Piston Rods are made of medium accuracy & hard chrome plated for damage and corrosion resistance. Standard male metric threads. Wrench flats are chamfered to protect rod seal during installation.
Tube Cold drawn seamless steel tubes micro-honed to a surface finish of 0.4 micron Ra for smooth operation of the cylinder and long seal life.
Piston One Piece Construction precisely fitted to the piston rod and locked. Wide bearing area reduces bearing long thread Engagement
Head & Cap end covers Manufactured from rolled steel location to give positive alignment
Piston Seal ‘U’ type wear compensating fabric reinforced with rubber seals as option
Piston rod seal ‘V’ type fabric reinforced nitrile rubber rod seal packing with male and female headers having wear compensating lips for preventing leakage
Seal housing Seal housings are made to ISO recommendations interchangeability of all seals
Rod Wiper Nitrile Rubber lip type wiper with piston rod, Bearing surfaces and ---
Piston rod bearing Extra long bearing also acts as --- Length.
Mounts All mounts are made of steel
Cushioning Can be provided at either or b --- Provides fine cushioning adjustments.
Ports Generous unrestricted BSP ---
Tie rods and nuts Medium carbon steel tie rods ---- Washers.

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