The Company is dedicated for the Exclusive Manufacture of small size Hydraulic Cylinders say typically up to dia 80 mm and 1000 mm stroke and up to 400 Bar. Till date, we have made over 2,00,000 Nos (Two Lakhs) cylinders for various applications such as for SPM, GPM , Tractors, Automobiles , Road making machines, Textile machinery, etc.

We design and manufacture standard range of Tie Rod construction Hydraulic Cylinders as per ISO 6020 standard with the pressure range of 40 Bar, 80 Bar and 160 Bar.

Special cylinders as per customer’s drawing are being manufactured in volumes for many applications. Mostly these cylinders are welded type with a pressure range upto 400 Bar.

For few of our customers we have developed cylinders for “Steering Application” for Tractors, and cylinders for Materials handling equipments, which need extensive testing and compact design.