Manufacturing Facility

We have a fully equipped Machine Shop which includes Honing Machine-6Nos, , Centre Lathe, , Drilling Machine, Projection Welding Machine, Co2 welding machine. We have captive manufacturing facility for CNC Turning & Machining. We have also developed dedicated vendors for our jobs. We have all the necessary instruments and Gauges for Inspection.


Materials used

Our product design includes the conventional design and special design with all types of material and constructional features. All the tubes are of Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes as per DIN STD, ASTM STD of ready to hone as well as Honed Tubes. We use Imported and indigenised Tubes for our cylinders.

The Piston Rod is made of C45, En19 , En24 and in some cases the rods are Toughened, Induction Hardened. All the Piston rod outside diameter is Hard Chrome Plated to various thickness of 20, 24, 30 microns based on customer’s requirements.

In few sizes fully finished (ready to use) Piston Rods with ground, hard chrome plated are used for specific cylinders. The other component of Piston, End Covers , Ports etc materials are of various materials like C45, MS, SG Iron, Steel Casting, and Steel Forging.

Sealing Systems

We use Imported as well as Indigenised sealing system in our cylinders. Some of the imported brands are Macrotech Polyseals Inc USA(SKF), Hallite, Parker, Simrit, CR Seals, Shamban etc. Indian brands are Bosco, Rotamic, and Karnataka Polymers etc. Seal materials are Nitrile rubber, PTFE, Polyurethane, Viton and bearing material like Phosphorous Bronze, Gun Metal , SG and PTFE.

Product Testing

All our cylinders are tested, inspected before dispatch. Our first stage check will be for sub assemblies of Tubes-Ports welding / Tubes –Cap End Cover welding of high pressure testing for welding leakage. The main product testing consists of Cyclic test, Proof pressure test and any other special test as agreed between customers. We have a specially built Hydraulic Power Pack for cyclic testing and high pressure static test through Hand Pump. A special test rig has been developed to simulate the actual working for a special cylinder with built in valve at Cap End Cover for a customer. We also developed a separate test Rig for life and endurance testing of cylinders for one more customer.